Marketing 101: Strategy and Distribution


Marketing 102: Optimisation and Sales


Do you want all the marketing skills, knowledge, and abilities that you need to build a successful business in 2021?

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This Course Includes:

Number of videos: 200+

Hours of Content: 18+

Number of Activities: 25+

Difficulty: Beginner


Meet your Instructor!

Brian Bozarth

Brian is a strategic marketing leader with 25+ years of global leadership and executive roles, responsibilities and achievements.

Brian also has a unique variety of entrepreneurial experience in global business development, digital, social, marketing, UX design, technology, SEO, CRO, project management, and customer service - in both for-profit and non-profit sectors.

As someone with entrepreneurialism in his blood, he brings us a strategic marketing and marketing execution course that give you exactly what you need to actually market your business - without the fluff.

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What are people saying?

Nano Mardoyan

"This is the best marketing masterclass so far. I've taken dozens of online courses in various e-learning websites. No matter you are a beginner or a marketing pro, this course will both give you a ready-to-go checklist for creating your own marketing strategy, and freshen up your marketing skills."

Tom Boyle

"This course was the missing link that I needed to grow my early-stage software company. The classes did an incredible job of taking the latest marketing concepts and breaking them down into actionable strategies with measurable goals."

Asem Al Sardy

"The best of the best... I think [Brian's] point of view will last for the next 50 years about the content. Professional and to the point. I`m really glad I know such a great brain of marketing. Note: I've taken more than 50x about marketing and content and you are one of the first...You know what [my pain points are] and you deliver [on] it."

You'll learn:

+ How to build your marketing and strategy plans for success.

+ What often stops entrepreneurs from being great at marketing.

+ The beliefs you must embody to connect with your customer.

+ The WHEN and WHY of marketing, with best practices.

+ The ability to effectively convert leads into sales, and test them.

+ The skills, knowledge, and abilities to attract potential customers.

+ How to utilise socials and emails within the digital marketing space.

+ Simple tools for making the most of your marketing to learn and improve.

Experience needed?

You don't need any previous experience of running a business to take advantage of this course, or any real marketing experience. However, as we'll be covering some tools needed for success, some limited knowledge about the importnce of marketing may be helpful.

Are there any requirements?

This course does not require technical skills or knowledge before starting. However, as we will be covering how to use certain tools, knowing how to use data tools and having internet access will be required to make full use of the activities in this course.

Who is this designed for?

This foundational course is for the new entrepreneur who wants to understand the fundamentals of marketing so they can apply these skills to their business to increase sales, reputation, and long-term success.

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Full Syllabus Description


Topics Covered:

In Part 1, we'll look at what your marketing model is to help unpick and build your marketing strategy. This includes dissecting your numbers, learning what experience mapping is and how to do it, and understanding conversation rates and scenario mapping so that you can put yourself in your customer's shoes and marketing effectively to what they need.

In Part 2, we'll look at the beliefs and frameworks that underpin your strategies, unpick how they help you communicate with your customer, and how to build them up in an effective way that will ultimately impact your whole strategy and your sales. This includes creating a belief framework, a customer persona, understanding your customer's needs, learning about the buying process, and more - all of which we'll learn how to build into your strategy.

In Part 3, we'll look at Conversation Rate Optimisation and learn about what it is, how to measure it, what tools you need and how to use them, and how all of this relates back to the customer so that you can implement your learnings into your strategy and understand how to better distribute your budget, content, and products.

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In Part 4, we'll look at Search Engine Optimisation, what it is, and the elements within it that you'll need to make use of it. That means we'll be looking at why it's important, how to make great content, utilising that content effectively, refining it using metrics, and much more.

In Part 5, we'll look at content creation, which is broken down into content planning and understanding different content types so that you get a holistic, broad, and deeply practical learning experience. We'll discuss when to use different types of content and making your content effective, so that you're prepared to drive traffic to your business.

In Part 6, we'll look at lead acquisition and how to turn those leads into sales. We break down Integrated Marketing Communications, and look at different communications channels that an entrepreneur will need to utilise. Specifically, we take an in-depth look at email communications and social media communications, as well as delving into the concepts of research marketing and remarketing into the mix of skills we cover.

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About Our Marketing Foundations Course

This course is a thorough deep-dive into the marketing skills and knowledge that you'll need as a modern entrepreneur. Aimed at new entrepreneurs who are passionate about developing the leadership and "sales" skills needed to create a long-lasting sustainable business, this course aims to combine all the practical areas of marketing that a leader could need in the modern day.

Our aim is to increase the success rate in entrepreneurship, and for those of you who understand how important it is to speak with your customers, forge relationships, and make sales, then this is just the course you need.

With a lot of content to cover, we split this course into two smaller and more affordable courses, in case you only need one of our two topic areas to round out your skills.


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