As a part of the StartrHub community, we expect you to follow certain key guidelines that shape how we work together and treat each other so that we can all have the best possible learning experience. 

We consider you to be part of our "community" if you are, or intend to be, any of the following:

  • A student of ours, which includes if you have purchased any of our courses.

  • A member of our community group.

  • Any expert, practitioner, or staff member who works with or for StartrHub.


Our Commitment To You

If you're part of our community, we intend to keep certain commitments to you so that you know we've got your back on your learning journey and your time with us. Those commitments are to:

  • Commit to our mission to become the ultimate online learning platform for young, new, or aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Commit to our vision to become the go-to place for learning about becoming an entrepreneur and gaining confidence as one, lowering the failure rate in entrepreneurship and connecting entrepreneurs together.

  • Commit to our purpose of levelling the playing field so that our students can get the entrepreneurship education they never had in school and confidently work towards their dreams.
  • Have curiosity, so that we can always improve the work that we do to provide you with the most support we possibly can.
  • Have integrity, so that everybody is treated fairly and we always follow through on our commitments by improving our services as much as we can.
  • Have empathy, so that we always put our community first and learn from you so that we can give back as much as possible to you.


Your Commitment To Yourselves, Each Other, and Us

When you work in or learn from StartrHub, you prioritise kindness and balance honesty empathetically. 

Sometimes it's necessary to give feedback which is critical, but you can do this in a supportive way. Especially online, it can be easy to accidentally sound more angry or forceful than you intended to, and so make someone's experience worse. We ask that you be mindful of how you might sound to others, particularly when giving feedback.

When you work in or learn from StartrHub, you want everyone to succeed.

It's common in entrepreneurship for people to feel a sense of cometitiveness, but we are very aware of when this creates or fuels egotistic tendancies that result in unsupportive and unfriendly environments, or otherwise make it difficult to learn and feel like a valued part of our community. You agree to genuinely and truely be happy for other people's successes, and be a collaborative person who doesn't hinder others for the sake of competition.

When you work in or learn from StartrHub, you commit to learning and growing as an individual, and respecting others who do the same.

Obviously, we're all here to learn. If we don't all commit to growing as entrepreneurs, we may not take our time to learn fully, to contribute meaningfully, or to take each other seriously. Everyone in our community should be excited and energised by the idea of putting in hard work to achieve their dreams, and we should treat everyone else with the respect that befits that. 

As a part of StartrHub's community, you commit to being an active, constructive, and kind member.

We should encourage and support our fellow members, and share our experiences. Your stories and experiences may be exactly what another someone needs to hear to solve a problem or seize an opportunity. And of course, we’re here to push each other forward and lift each other up. Find ways to help others think bigger, reframe challenges, and stay curious. That means there is also no place anywhere on StartrHub to spam, promote your services, or bully anyone else.

When joining any events through StartrHub, we encourage engagement through the chat features as much as possible, and ask you to turn on your camera if possible. Say hello, be kind, and avoid any indecency. Take notes, ask meaningful questions, and don’t stay completely silent if in small groups or breakout rooms.


What happens if I don't follow these guidelines?

We understand that it can get difficult sometimes, especially in the life of an entrepreneur. But not following these guidelines could inevitably lead to someone feeling hurt, annoyed, or not being able to be part of our community enjoyably. And we have a zero-tolerance policy towards that. Not following these guidelines could result in you being asked to leave our groups, to stop working with us, or even removal from our platform completely.

In line with our commitment to you, we need to ensure that we're strict with ourselves about being fair on what is - and is not - okay to do and say as part of this community we're building! And, we'll always act on any clear violations.

Please note: if a customer is removed from any of our services, their right to a refund of any kind is waived automatically. By purchasing any of our products or services, you agree to this and to all of our T&Cs