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To get you started, the small team of entrepreneurs here at StartrHub have put together three free resources that anyone can get immediate access to and begin utilising in their business or to start their business.

Challenge: 5-Day Foundation Building

This 5-Day challenge introduces you to the core foundations you'll need to implement as an entrepreneur. It takes content from all of our foundational courses.

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Guide: Top Entrepreneurial Mistakes You MUST Avoid

This 9-page simple guide walks you through common mistakes new entrepreneurs make, with practical advice for the best practices to develop for your entrepreneurial journey!

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  • Challenge: 5-Day Motivation and Purpose Building
  • Guide: Design Thinking Walkthrough 
  • and more!
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Who are our free resources for?

We've designed these free resources to make it easier for you to learn entrepreneurship. We remove the confusion, making your steps as an entrepreneur (regardless of your area of interest or industry) much simpler, less frustrating, and more likely to succeed. Take advantage of decades of combined experience to accelerate your journey and help you avoid mistakes. Wasted time and money drastically reduce a founder's chance of success, so we focus on helping you build everything you need, for sustainable success in any industry.

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