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If you're someone who wants to be an entrepreneur, leader, or owner of your organisation, then you need to see this!
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"Professor Mils is a trailblazing tutor, veteran supporter, [and] academic innovator. His natural energy and general hypothesis viewpoints are thought-provoking. I would unequivocally recommend him to anyone who is seeking [an expert] who is able to offer support... on a plethora of subjects." - Chris L.

"This course was the missing link that I needed to grow my early-stage software company. The classes did an incredible job of taking the latest marketing concepts and breaking them down into actionable strategies with measurable goals." - Tom B.

“As a recent graduate... I had many struggles trying to manage a start-up. I soon found out that [my sessions with Seven] would not only improve my productivity at work, but significantly change how I would view and carry out [my work]. He has given me invaluable advice on leadership and time management, while simultaneously offering amazing business guidance. This… has without a doubt made a huge impact on my life.” - Adrian W.

Here at StartrHub, we've put together a programme of different online courses covering all the crucial foundations of entrepreneurship.


We take the new and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to know how to get started, and remove the confusion. We give you everything you need to build a profitable, sustainable, and purposeful business machine. 


The great thing about our programme is that it can apply to anyone - regardless of what you want to specialise in, how much experience you have, and even what kind of organisation you want (freelancers, social enterprises, and even charities are welcome)!

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Module, course, and content breakdown for all the content in our entrepreneurship foundations program!



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Entrepreneurship 101: Practical Entrepreneurship Skills
Entrepreneurship 102: Business Building Fundamentals
Marketing 101: Strategy and Distribution
Marketing 102: Optimisation and Sales
Finance 101 (Coming Soon!)

Leaders must be action takers, so what are you waiting for?

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