Entrepreneurship 101: Practical Entrepreneurship Skills and Business Building


Want to become an entrepreneur with all the skills you need to build a business in 2021?

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This Course Includes:

Number of videos: 45+

Hours of Content: 4+

Number of Activities: 12+

Difficulty: Beginner


Meet your Instructor!

Seven Jacobs

It's become understood that every entrepreneur has to go through some of the same learning hurdles. But that means time, resources, and energy is wasted making the same mistakes - creating huge overall redundancy within entrepreneurship.

StartrHub founder Seven Jacobs realised there was a better way. Growing up in a lacking education system and with no support network, when he got into entrepreneurship, he noticed how familiar - that is to say, how lonely and confusing of a space it was - for many new entrepreneurs. Having studied and practised entrepreneurship for years, there was a clear path forward.

A social entrepreneur, Seven has helped found multiple ventures and worked with some of the biggest organisations in the UK, such as AKQA, Nando's, Nike, and many more.

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What are people saying?

Chloe Swycher

“Seven [was] extremely responsive during the planning phase, and offered clear and constructive advice around how to achieve the best results from our work together.”

Adrian W.

“As a recent graduate put into a position of responsibility, I had many struggles trying to manage a start-up. I soon found out that [my sessions with Seven] would not only improve my productivity at work, but significantly change how I would view and carry out the rest of my daily tasks. He has given me invaluable advice on leadership and time management, while simultaneously offering amazing business guidance. Seven… has without a doubt made a huge impact on my life.”

Lotanna Ezeike

“Seven’s unsung strength lies in his ability to open up your way of thinking. We often conflate who we are, with what we do. Since meeting with Seven I am able to differentiate between the two and focus on my true purpose.”

What You'll learn:

+ What stops people interested in entrepreneurship from even starting!

+ The skills that you MUST build if you're going to be successful.

+ Techniques for maximising your abilities and your precious time.

+ WHEN and HOW to start building the organisation of your dreams.

+ Sales knowledge that guarantees you understand your customers.

+ How ANYONE can create processes for their business to make it sustainable.

+ The specific methods used to build an amazing team.

+ Simple techniques to manage the difficult life of an entrepreneur.

Experience needed?

You don't need any previous experience of running a business to take advantage of this course - in fact, it might help more if you're new to entrepreneurship! However, it may be more beneficial to those who already have a business idea in mind that they can apply our learning to.

Are there any requirements?

This course does not require technical skills or knowledge before starting, only that you are willing to take action on your aspirations and to learn and explore new possibilities!

Who is this designed for?

This foundational course is for the new, aspiring, or unsure entrepreneur who wants to understand the fundamentals, know how to become great in this world of entrepreneurship, and learn if it's right for them.

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Full Syllabus Description


Topics Covered:

  1. Learning about entrepreneurialism, self-leadership, innovation, and the mindset and habits you'll need to develop for long-term success.
  2. Key skills that you'll need to have to ensure you can be in this kind of leadership role, like communication, perseverance, and more - and how to work on them
  3. The pre-start-up phase of a business, what it entails, and what you'll practically need to do to set your enterprise up for success.
  4. The start-up phase of a business; how to set strong foundations, develop your models, aims, and processes for a long-lasting and powerful business that serves customers reliably.
  5. An introduction to marketing and sales, and understanding how to think like your ideal customer to transform your ideas into sales and good communication.
  6. Team building and leadership skills and knowledge, so that you're prepared to bring on new team members - and the right team members - and lead them effectively when the time comes. 
  7. An introduction to well-being for entrepreneurs and some practical activities to stay on top of it and remain effective and motivated. 

And so much more within each module!

Aimed at the people who are aspiring to be entrepreneurs but haven't quite started yet, or who are just starting out but know they haven't quite got the right skills or mindset to create a long-lasting sustainable business that excites them.

We want to increase the success rate in entrepreneurship, and for those of you unsure about if it's right for you, or what the journey entails, this is just the place for you to start.

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