Entrepreneurship 102: 

Business Building Fundamentals


Want to have an easy-to-start business with all the elements required for success?

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This Course Includes:

Number of videos: 23

Hours of Content: 4+

Number of Activities: 11

Difficulty: Beginner


Meet your Instructor!

Dr Milyan Hills

Dr Milyan Hills (Mils) has degrees in social anthropology from the University of St Andrews and has worked in a range of university departments and business schools. As the first anthropologist to work for the UK government, Mils has unique experience in leading applied behavioural science projects at c-suite and operational levels for prestigious clients inside government, the Royal Household and financial and other organisations in the private sector.
Mils is passionate about helping anyone achieve the very best they can in the most efficient ways possible. Having taught on MBA programmes for almost a decade, he believes that there are always opportunities for everyone to create awesome businesses.
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What are people saying?

Andrew Smith MSc

"Dr Hills is a real pleasure to interact with, his unique expertise, motivation and honesty make him both engaging and extremely helpful. Where I saw barriers and problems; he identified solutions."

Chris Little CMgr FCMI

"Professor Mils is a trailblazing tutor, veteran supporter, [and] academic innovator. He has the capacity to dissect, simplify and fragment study into achievable chunks, this is where he adds significant value to students that may not believe in their own ability to tackle high-level education. His natural energy and general hypothesis viewpoints are thought-provoking. I would unequivocally recommend him to anyone who is seeking a real-life... wizard, who is able to offer support... on a plethora of subjects."

John Chantry MBA CinstLM MCMI

Professor Mils Hills has been instrumental in my professional development. The energy he commits in the support of others is outstanding."

What You'll learn:

+ The fundamentals that businesses need to position themselves for success.

+ How to create a competitive advantage to stand out to customers.

+ Building a strategy to position your business for long-term success.

+ Creating a plan to ensure you give value to customers consistently.

+ Building a pragmatic and simple mission that adds immense value.

+ How ANYONE can identify their strengths and use them to launch a great business.

+ Creating an exciting strategy that positions you to have fantastic local success.

+ Creating a business offer that can overcome unexpected challenges.

Experience needed?

You don't need any previous experience of running a business to take advantage of this course - in fact, it might help more if you're new to entrepreneurship! However, it may be more beneficial to those who already have a business idea in mind that they can apply our learning to.

Are there any requirements?

This course does not require technical skills or knowledge before starting, only that you are willing to take action on your aspirations and to learn and explore new possibilities!

Who is this designed for?

This foundational course is for the new, aspiring, or unsure entrepreneur who wants to understand the fundamentals, know how to become great in this world of entrepreneurship, and learn if it's right for them.

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Full Syllabus Description


Topics Covered

1. The fundamentals that every business idea should take into account:

  • How to position yourself to be better than your competitors.
  • Building a better understanding of customer pain points.
  • Introduction to how to develop a competitive advantage.

2. The two major forms of competitive advantage:

  • Cost...
  • Differentiation...
  • And how this is relevant to startups!

3. What is the strategy clock?

  • Developing this visual approach to thinking about where your business should (and should not) be positioned.
  • Some examples to illustrate how you do this yourself.

4. What is the Value Chain Model?

  • A focus on how you should think about adding value at every stage of engaging with (potential) customers (‘touchpoints’).
  • Examples where we think about the chain of events that get us into, and coming back to, other businesses that we're familiar with.

5. A pragmatic approach to developing a mission statement.

  • The right balance of time spent on making one.
  • How much it can help and affect your organisation.

6. Activity System Mapping

  • Mapping out what you’ll be offering and what will be needed to enable it.
  • Understanding the value that you have developed at all touchpoints in the value-chain model
  • Thinking about processes, people, plans, and fully understanding how they all relate together.

7. SWOT Analysis

  • A tool to understand what your and your personal strengths and weaknesses are...
  • How to match these against opportunities and threats.
  • Understanding the same model, but applied to your business.
  • Understanding why this is a key management thinking approach.

8. What a Blue Ocean Strategy is, and how to start making one.

  • Why this is one of the most exciting ways of thinking through being totally different to other similar businesses in your street, area, town, region …. even country!
  • Start creating a really exciting plan of action – ready to smash the market and delight customers, attract media and influencer interest, and more!

9. What a Force Field Analysis is.

  • What the positive and negative forces are that affect you and your business offer.
  • How to start thinking about challenges so that you can anticipate and deal with them, or react if they pop up without warning.
  • How to use this to manage risks.

10. An overview of marketing

  • How you can ‘hack’ approaches to it to achieve free or low-cost interest in your business.
  • how to begin to drive a sustainable flow of customers.

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