What To Include In Your Business Plan: Featured Podcast (The Female Startup Podcast)

business skills management podcast Oct 11, 2021

This featured podcast episode (The Female Startup Podcast hosted by Lucille Roache) is a discussion based on the host's tips, experiences, and insights helping other entrepreneurs, inspired by the mistakes to avoid that she discusses in her book.

Episode Info:

"Running a business is like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle, which has thousands and thousands of pieces and no picture on the front of the box to help you to determine, how the puzzle is supposed to be put together or what it's supposed to be. Look what it's supposed to look like. And for me, that's a really great analogy of what it means to be a business owner, especially if you've never been in business before because you've got nothing to compare it to."

Or, you can listen on the podcast page here!

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