Writing The ULTIMATE "About Us" Page!

branding marketing technology tips and tricks Oct 07, 2021

The majority of websites will have "About Us" pages. Sometimes it's just called About, once in a while it will go into lots of detail about the person behind the business. Take a look at the StartrHub About Us Page for an example, though you've probably seen many.

But usually, it's a way of allowing the reader to easily find the place where they can learn more about the organisation or person behind the website, so they can see if the product or service is right for them. It creates a fundamental part of your identity

This means it also gives you an opportunity, as the person who runs the website, to help your audience connect with you. So we wanted to run through some tips to help you write a great About Us page.


Keep The Customer In Mind

As someone providing a product of some kind, you should know who your customers are.

And part of that means knowing how to communicate to them, or how they're expecting to be communicated with. Ask yourself:

  1. What is the problem they want solved? How can you give readers more background information about your organisation in a way that still shows them you can give them what they want?
  2. Do they want to be spoken to with certain language (such as very professional or with specific jargon) or in a certain tone (such as very friendly)?
  3. What do they find interesting? What will make them most likely to connect with you or your brand?

Although some "About Us" pages will need to include information about you, try to remember that even if you need to tell your story there, focus on why this could help the customer. It's not all about you.


Show Off The Brand

You're going to want to craft what you write to show off who you are. Fundamentally this would include a few things:

  • What is your tone of voice?
  • Be personal: if telling your personal story is relevant to your business, write it in and write it in 1st person.
  • Your vision: why are you here and what are you really trying to achieve?

Before you start writing anything, make sure to take some time to consider what impression you want to convey. With this as a foundation, you're much more likely to achieve something by writing this page, making it much more useful for you.


Make It Useful

Of course, the page needs to be useful for the reader. But not just for them - it also needs to be useful for you too.

On every page of your website, you should know what you want visitors to do next. Your aim will usually be to encourage them to take the next step – such as making a purchase or signing up to a mailing list.

So that direction should be clear, even from your About page. This could be a section that encourages them to provide you with their email address, or a resource that they can get by clicking through to another page.

Another tip for making it useful is to make sure that it's not too long. Try to remain brief while still telling the story and providing necessary details. Sometimes it can be a fine balance. But most visitors will just want to quickly scan a page to get your key messages or to understand what you actually do or offer. 

Breaking up the page with different sections, such as an explainer video, blog links, or buttons, also helps keep users engaged. Imagine it was just a huge block of text: overwhelming right?

All these things help keep a reader there, improve your brand image, and make the traffic useful for you.



Your "About Us" page is an important part of marketing. But it's also expected. Which means they're common.

BUT, that doesn't mean you can't still stand out.

Make sure you take your time preparing to write this page, and actually writing it too. It's alright if it takes you some time, because it can be a pretty vital sales tool. So trying to perfect it is worth it!

If you struggle, take a look at what your competition is doing. Do other similar shops or organisations with similar audiences achieve something that you don't? Why? Try to learn from them.

if at any point you feel yourself struggling, some back to it later with a fresh mind. It's useful to see it when your mind isn't too occupied. It might even be helpful to leave it aside for a while, even if you think you're done, and give it another read to double-check that you like it or that it actually achieves your goals.

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