How To Communicate Yourself As A Startup

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To start of the week each Monday for the next few weeks, we're going to be briefly discussing an interesting article from Startups Magazine

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So, why was this article interesting to us?

Our Thoughts

So firstly, a quick note on why every entrepreneur must take this seriously.

As a startup, you rely on trust. The trust others have in your abilities to help them, provide them with services, be reliable, and a lot more. Trustworthiness sets you apart and gets you business.

So of course, how you communicate why you're the one to trust could be a make or break thing. This article gives you some quick simple communications to create and have prepared ahead of time, and they'll inevitably help you build your trust.

Having a core message, and turning it into really solid, clear, and consistent communications that you can use when speaking to people or presenting yourself, will help you build that trustworthiness, as well as generally let potential customers know exactly who you are and why they should buy from or work with you. 

We recommend taking a look at this article to build out your elevator pitch and website. We also cover workshops and advice for building these fundamental tools over on our members-only community.

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