AVOID Making These Mistakes With Your Investors

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To start of the week each Monday for the next few weeks, we're going to be briefly discussing an interesting article from Startups Magazine

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So, why was this article interesting to us?

Our Thoughts

For those with startups where you're looking to raise investment, you've got to understand that an investor is someone you're building a relationship with. They need to trust that you can deliver returns, otherwise they have literally no reason to invest in you!

So of course, there will be some pitfalls that, because of their unique relationship to you, could really ruin your relationship and therefore impact your chance of success with them.

So we feel like taking these points on board are important, and want to draw particular focus to the last point on this list: treat your investors like partners. The best investors will be people who want to work with you, not just want a return. They'll want to give you their advice so that you can succeed, and may act as an advisor or mentor too.

And of course, the way you treat them may shift as a result of you seeing them as someone whose relationship you need to nurture, the way you'd need to nurture a business partnership. So you'll treat them a certain way too. And that shift will probably strengthen your relationship, how they treat you, what they invest in you or even how likely they are to invest.

Investors want to know they can trust you, because they're expecting a return. Put yourself in their shoes and finding/working with them might become that much easier!

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