Who are we?

 It's become understood that every entrepreneur has to go through some of the same learning hurdles. But that means time, resources, and energy is wasted making the same mistakes - creating huge overall redundancy within entrepreneurship.

StartrHub founder, Seven Jacobs, realised there was a better way. Growing up in a lacking education system and with no support network, when he got into entrepreneurship, he noticed how familiar it was - that is to say, how lonely and confusing of a space it was - for many new entrepreneurs.

But being a Gen-Zer, and having studied and practised entrepreneurship for years, there was a clear path forward where technology could be used to create an ecosystem of learning and networking. Younger people, like millennials and gen-z, are always the most innovative. In any era, those with the least established sense of "the way things should be" will be the ones to think outside of the box and make progress for society and the economy.

We believe that these young, new, or aspiring entrepreneurs should be encouraged the most, not the least.


What is StartrHub?

StartrHub is an online founders academy for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. We arm the innovators who feel most underestimated with the best tools for entrepreneurial success, so that we can create a world with known and trustworthy solutions for learning about entrepreneurship and gaining confidence as one.

Our purpose is to level the playing field so that our students can get the education they never had in school and confidently work towards their dreams.


Our Solution

Practical Learning

Courses and resources that are to the point and provide actionable takeaways are what will provide our entrepreneurs with the confidence to understand and be prepared for their journey.

Bridging The Gaps

Our solution utilises technologies that create a full ecosystem of interconnected people and resources, aiming to overcome scarcity and create abundance.


We believe in getting ahead together. The right network can change everything - from a mentor, to the right co-founder, to a small new idea, you never know what the future might hold.

Meet our practitioners...

Right now, our focus is on creating foundational courses in the core theoretical and practical elements that you need to understand to be a great entrepreneur as someone entering the industry, 

So, we've partnered with experts in areas like finance, marketing, investment, and more to bring you courses and resources that give you the direct information and practical actions that you couldn't easily get in the "normal" education system.

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Meet our team...

The StartrHub team is a mix of entrepreneurs, academics, students, and experts who have come together to start realising the vision of creating a new learning pathway for entrepreneurs.

In our early stages, we're focusing on putting together online resources and a community of supportive peers and mentors.

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