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StartrHub - The Hub for the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

We seek to increase the access to entrepreneurial educational resources, so that aspiring entrepreneurs can upskill, regardless of if they’re lucky enough to already have access to learning. As well as creating trusted resources, we envision a platform that connects users to resources and networks easily, that anyone can access, and a program that participants can access and become a part of as easily as a university.

We're evolving to be the one-stop-shop, or "Hub" for accessing the entrepreneurial ecosystem, to help new, young, and aspiring entrepreneurs learn and grow.

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We have a number of resources available, and community, both free and affordable. If you tell us a bit about where you're at in your entrepreneurship journey, we'll send you customer-made information about the resources we have available that might be relevant to you.

Then StartrHub is for you!

Free Resources

We have a growing catalogue of free educational resources for new entrepreneurs. These include:

  • A 5-Day Challenge to build your foundations in just 5 days...
  • A guide for the most common mistakes to avoid...
  • A guide to build your design thinking skills (coming soon)...
  • A 5-Day Challenge to build a strong mindset and boost motivation (coming soon)... 
Get Your Free Resources!


We have an exclusive content community (with a 30-Day free trial!) which gives you:

  • 14+ exclusive resources designed to strengthen core skills...

  • Monthly networking events...

  • 1 monthly workshop...

  • 1 monthly founder Q&A...

  • Access to mentors, more events, free services, news, and much more...

  • And more!
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Foundational Courses

Here at StartrHub, we've put together a programme of different online courses covering all the crucial foundations of entrepreneurship.

We take the new and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to know how to get started, and remove the confusion. We give you everything you need to build a profitable, sustainable, and purposeful business machine.


Check them out!

“As a recent graduate... I had many struggles trying to manage a start-up. I soon found out that [my sessions with Seven] would not only improve my productivity at work, but significantly change how I would view and carry out [my work]. He has given me invaluable advice on leadership and time management, while simultaneously offering amazing business guidance. This… has without a doubt made a huge impact on my life.” Adrian W.

"My mentoring sessions... have been very productive, enjoyable, inspiring and highly motivating. [I get advised on] innovative ideas in marketing and networking, helping me stay focused on achieving my dream. [I have been] connected... with great people from highly accomplished professionals in [my] industry [and even] to business strategists." - Izzy

"This [marketing] course was the missing link that I needed to grow my early-stage software company. The classes did an incredible job of taking the latest marketing concepts and breaking them down into actionable strategies with measurable goals." - Tom B.

Still not sure?

We have a 7-Day refund policy on all of our paid courses and a 30-day free trial for our community. Try it, and if it doesn't work for you, no worries!

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